*Maple Cider Jelly*

........Nancy Dix
....Jacksonville, VT

1 gallon of sweet cider, set aside 3 cups of the cider, pour the rest into a stainless steel saucepan and boil down to thick syrup (apron cooking time 2-1/2 hrs) Let cool.

1 qt. plus 3 cups of grade "B" maple syrup, add 1 cup of boiled cider, stir and place over medium heat. Bring to180 degrees. Pour remaining 3 cups of cider into saucepan. Whisk in 3 teaspoons of Gen u-gel (agent to thicken maple jelly). Pour into the above mixture of maple and cider syrup. Bring to 207 degrees, remove from heat and pour into 15 sterile 8 oz. jars, cap and turn upside down for five minutes. Then turn right side up and wrap with towel and allow to seal. Do not move jars for 24 hrs.

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